back to school and acne

The first day back to school is a fond memory for most of us. Wearing those new shoes and clothes, packing up perfectly organized binders and freshly sharpened pencils, and running to meet friends you haven’t seen all summer. However, for the acne sufferer, back to school means back to the frustration of dealing with pimples looking back at you in the mirror every morning. Puberty is typically when androgen hormones trigger excess sebum production, which is a contributing factor to the pathogenesis of acne. Many times, acne sufferers will use harsh, alcohol toners and high-percentages of active ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, in hopes of ‘drying’ out the oil. Oil-free products are also alluring because they promote the idea that products without oil are best, since acneic skin is already oily. However, both of these thought processes need further explanation. It’s true that benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are effective in preventing and clearing acne lesions. Look for products that are formulated not only with these actives, but with other beneficial ingredients that provide needed hydration, keratolytic action and antioxidant protection. Don’t be fooled by ‘oil-free’ products. It is important to understand that some oils are beneficial in the treatment of this skin condition. By using beneficial oils for acne, the skin “thinks” it has enough sebum and, therefore, produces less. When we strip the skin of its natural oils, the opposite happens, and the skin will produce even more sebum to make up for the loss. Grape seed oil, for example, is healing and functions as an antioxidant. Jojoba seed oil is composed of liquid wax esters and not actually oil. Because it closely resembles our natural sebum, topical use helps to control sebum production. It also has the ability to dissolve and remove excess sebum. PCA SKIN® provides several products for acne that are formulated with antioxidants, proven anti-acne actives, beneficial oils, and soothing and hydrating ingredients, such as the BPO 5% Cleanser, Acne Cream,Acne Gel and Clearskin, to name a few. These products are also featured in our Breakout Control and Acne Control Solutions. PS: Our trial-size solution sets are perfect for keeping in school lockers too!

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